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The Honor Roll

So, this is the Honor Roll — a multi-disciplinary brand and creative agency in Austin, Texas. We think about stuff, sit at our desks, sharpen pencils, push around pixels, scribble, erase, cuss, discuss, and, in the end, weave wonderful stories. Stories about brands and people and ideas and life that appear on screens, in print and in conversations. And you know what? We love it. We’re good at it. We are the Honor Roll.


When the best part of your customer service call is the hold music, what do you do? You call Mattersight. They use personality-based routing to help call centers dramatically transform the call center experience for their customers. Everyone wins. The Honor Roll has worked closely with Mattersight to help them transform the brand and expand their footprint in the industry.

The Mrs.

An unknown women’s rock band wanted to break out in an unconventional way. Our answer: don’t create a music video, create a piece of sharable content that transforms a song into a movement. The result: 5+million YouTube views across the globe, international press coverage, a “Good Morning America” appearance, and most importantly, an emotional connection with their audience.


When the Austin Children’s Museum rebranded and became The Thinkery, they reached out with an interesting project: “We want to tell the story of the museum in an opening day poster!” Kids, art, paper? How could we say no? Now these babies are available in the gift shop.


How often do you find a large enterprise software company whose sole purpose is to create powerful, transformative customer experiences? We were lucky enough to work with Aurea from their inception, developing their brand platform and supporting them as they developed transformative experiences for their customers.


The Honor Roll

Jason Sugawa

Nicole Binnicker
Guidance Counselor

Kate Donaho
Language Arts

Jasmine Mikulski
Paint & Craft Paper

Jana Middleton
Vice Principal

Danny Stipp
Computer Sciences

Johanna Abzug
Glitter & Glue

Madison Suhr
Colored Pencils & Rulers

Sally Lohr
School Nurse

Aspen Spraberry
Physical Education

Maggie Stephens
Substitute Teacher